Ignacio Hermoso Jiménez, Spanish, EDHEC-2022
Master in Management
Business Management

"Coming from a public university, my academic dream was to belong to a prestigious institution. And I made it! But what defines prestige?

From the beginning I clearly knew what I wanted from this experience, setting a list of criteria which I carefully looked at when I started applying for the best business schools. International & long-term perspective, global ranking, variety of cultures, and quality of education were just some of those criteria… I really wanted to belong to something great, and that’s why I decided to join EDHEC.

The level of engagement, energy, and focus I felt from the beginning was even higher than I expected. The involvement I felt was maximum and every day I was encouraged to think out of the box. I engaged with every single activity I could and that is why I became Master 1 class representative, I was selected to be International Ambassador and I contributed to EDHEC’s Master in Management being accredited by AMBA. I was also able to travel to London and Dublin to visit special partner companies of EDHEC, such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Indeed or even WeWork.

There are many exciting things about student life at EDHEC, but being part of the EDHEC community is not just about “cool” things! The School will also expect you and encourage you to learn, and work a lot, always in your interest. I knew this, and this was also why I chose EDHEC, so I certainly made the most of EDHEC’s academic courses from the beginning, and I was rewarded for my hard work with great results which will open many academic and professional doors for me in the future.

In my opinion, life is about aiming high, looking to grow intellectually and personally, and having a positive impact on people around you. You will have to find the energy and the motivation within you, but if you do, EDHEC will make your dreams come true!"