Jianwei ZHANG, Chinese, EDHEC-2021
Master in Management
Business Management
MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

We had a huge number of topics to learn in Master 1 and I think the highlight is that we learnt them with real projects. Especially when companies joined the academic programme and asked us to challenge ourselves with real-life business cases. Therefore, I think it is important to be mentally prepared that at EDHEC you have to learn fast and always be well-prepared to put your knowledge into practice. It is evidently easier for students who have a background in management. We all keep an eye on the rankings each year and pay a special attention to the slight changes happening for schools that ranked closer to us.I know that my programme, MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, is ranked 2nd in France, and that Master in Management programme is ranked 16th from FT global statistics this year. Those achievements demonstrate well our strength and brings many potential values to the diploma to be obtained later”.