Lou Qiangkai, Chinese, EDHEC-2020

“After my Bachelor in Sciences & Engineering at China University of Mining and Technology in Beijing, I chose France and EDHEC Business School for its Master in Management in Financial Economics which includes a two-year academic programme and a gap year to fine-tune your professional skills. EDHEC is strong in teaching finance. It is the only one among the top French business schools that support the pedagogical system with a strong research background. I will mention EDHEC Risk-Institute and Scientific Beta which was recently sold to SGX. EDHEC also works closely with companies. So the curriculum is a combination of academics and industry knowledge. Although the procedures can seem to take longer in France, we receive support from the school, especially the attentive care from the International Student Office’s team. When we first arrive, the school organises many welcoming activities including the ones that allow international students to know and exchange with each other. One month to prepare yourself before entering into the intensive learning! During the first year of the master programme, we learn the fundamentals of finance-related topics. The second year, the gap year is for students to gain professional experience through internships abroad or in their home countries. This experience enables us to define our interests and identify our strengths. The third-year is for specialisation. It helps us strengthen and raise the level of our knowledge and skills. I chose the MSc in Corporate Finance & BankingIn addition to academic excellence, I enjoy living in the city of Nice. It has the most beautiful coast views in Europe! Not to mention the very pleasant climate. If you are tired after studying, you can take a walk along the coast. You can also do many types of sports including swimming, scuba diving, marathon running, etc. It is a place for people who love sports and beautiful scenery. Finally, I personally like the history and culture of France, as well as French cuisine. I order a French-styled dessert every noon, making it problematic to control the weight. I also enjoy eating certain “Dark-styled cuisine”, Boeuf Tartare, for example.”