One impact on my career path

Louis Baqué, French-EDHEC-2019
MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking
Founder of Good Vie-Paris area

« I had always wanted to work in finance. So EDHEC was my first choice to study risk management. I went to Nice to join the Master in Management Financial Economics. I really enjoyed the classes. During my professional immersion year, I worked in finance at Marigny Capital and Morgan Stanley. That’s when I realised that I wanted to create my business. By the end of my internship, I had created Good vie, which provides healthy breakfast to companies. This professional immersion really helped me find my path. So when I came back to EDHEC, I decided to join the MSc in Corporate Finance. I knew that it would give me the tools to raise funds, run a company… and I could pick electives in entrepreneurship. I receive personalised support thanks to a weekly meeting with a coach who helps me with the issues I meet with my company. Being in the Eye (EDHEC Young Entrepreneurs), the school’s incubator is essential for me. It also gives extra credibility to my project. A real plus when you meet potential investors. »