Marine Jacquemin-Lorriaux, French - EDHEC-2019
Data Scientist, Airbus Helicopters, Marignagne

“I got my first taste of data and coding while interning in a start-up in Bangkok as a data analyst. My mission was to build a database. That’s when I decided that data science was the field I was willing to work in. The MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence was the right choice to fulfill this goal. The technical and business skills I have acquired in the MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence are the ones sought for by companies -big and small and help me stand out in the job market. The students and Alumni of this MSc can choose their career path, being it business-oriented or tech-oriented. I really enjoyed the classes in Coding, in Machine Learning and in Statistics. I have found a position of Data Scientist at Airbus Helicopters. A job I know will help me grow as a professional.”