An appetite for creativity

Martin Parenti, French, EDHEC-2018
MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
Co-founder of Delictus-Paris

« Companies in the tech sector are increasingly looking for dual profiles with both hard and soft skills, and the MSc Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence had it all to prepare me for this! With the MSc, the idea was not to become a tech engineer overnight but to get enough knowledge of these complex environments to be able to work there. It’s not something you usually get in a Business School. Here, not only did we get a thorough panorama, but we also got a hands-on experience in coding and developing with Le Wagon. This was a challenging year in a very good way. To see top recruiters in the tech industry getting very interested in my profile even before I graduated was a constant reminder that I was exactly where I needed to be. I carried out my Master's project on the launching of a website about cooking. With this website, my friend, Louis Chalret, also a student at EDHEC (the MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation) and I wanted to help people find quick, simple and gourmet recipes. This work awakened our appetite to go further and create our company! We finally launched Delictus which provides delicious food boxes with fresh ingredients and recipe cards for dinners! We sell in B2C via temporary sales corners (in La Défense, near Parisian underground stations...). We are working on a B2B approach to become a service provider for CAC40 corporate conciergeries in Paris. This venture is not a long, quiet river, but it sure is very exciting one... ! »