Impact on my futuristic approach

Michele De Matteo, Italian, EDHEC-2021
Sales & Trading Intern at Morgan Stanley-London

I chose to enroll in the MiM Financial Economics because of the competitive edge it provides students with thanks to its 2-years structure. 

During the first year of the MiM Financial Economics, we as students are provided with solid skills thanks to the teaching methodology of the faculty, which focuses around business cases and real world applicability of the courses. Also, the career seminars and the Finance Career Days have given me the tools to properly research internships for coming year. In my opinion, the professional emersion year is the competitive advantage the MiM programme has, as it allows students to build a stepping stone for pursuing a successful career in the financial industry.

After the first semester of MiM Financial Economics, I understood in which financial sectors I want to do my internships. I figured out that I am mostly interested in quantitative finance courses: luckily at EDHEC I have the opportunity to get specialized / enrolled for MSc in Financial Markets in my last year of my double-degree programme.