My-Linh Thieu, French, EDHEC-2019
MSc in Global & Sustainable Business
Junior Campaign Manager at ESL Gaming Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia

"I just had my graduation ceremony (October 5th, 2019). That was a truly special event that I was able to share with all my friends and family. Seeing all my fellow classmates and all the graduates in their gowns was a heart-warming moment that reminded me of how far we’ve come. I remembered my years at EDHEC: the amazing people I’ve met, the exciting challenges that I’ve taken up and the life-changing experiences I’ve had. I remembered why I decided to join this business school in the first place. Not only for its academic excellence, prestige, and international reputation, but also for its ability to help us grow as human beings: through a strong commitment in student associations and an emphasis on individual improvement, social responsibility, and ethics – hence the motto of the school, “Make an impact”. “Making an impact” doesn’t mean “Becoming a successful leader in a global company”, it means much more: being able to use human competencies to the good of society, being able to think out of the box to enable changes and innovation, and being able to keep learning in order to improve everyday as a professional but also, as an individual. As a new graduate, I’m very happy to embody the values of EDHEC Business School by being part of the EDHEC Alumni community now. The MSc in Global & Sustainable Business is an encompassing Master of Science originally designed for curious students who are opened to diversity and want to lead international careers. This MSc gave me a cutting-edge and well-rounded perspective on sustainability and profitability on a global scale. Thanks to courses in various subjects, I acquired a vision of what global business is. The courses cover general topics such as Global Marketing, Global Finance, Corporate Strategy for International Business, International Operations, Business Negotiation, International business law, Strategic Leadership… I was given the ability to work in multicultural environments thanks to the international students of my class -half of the cohort-! This ability to adapt to new cultures and working environments helped me a lot when I was looking for a job in Germany. German people and French people don’t share the same vision when it comes to work nor have the same approach to job interviews, so I had to adapt to a new mindset to be comfortable with the recruiting processes - it wasn't difficult as I was already used to work with my fellow classmates from abroad."