Qiyu Ji, Chinese, EDHEC-2014
Business Management
Founder & CEO of Sikana China-Lille

Though I majored in history in my undergraduate study, since then I had been involved in some entrepreneurial projects and interested in developing my knowledge and skills in management and entrepreneurship. I chose Master in Management Business Management programme at EDHEC, since it’s delicately designed for young graduates from diversified backgrounds with few management experiences. This programme is taught one of our campus in Lille, a city where a great number of French enterprises emerged, such as Auchan, Decathlon, OVH and other famous international enterprises. 
The 1st academic year courses of Management in Master – Business Management programme is based on fundamentals of business management, which is quite essential to students without relevant management knowledge. The second year would be a professional immersion between two academic years, in which you can either do internships or exchange to our partner schools all over the world. With the help from EDHEC Career Center, I found a position as a project manager in an international Non-profit organization. My main responsibilities are to manage new projects in Chinese, marketing promotion and fund raising in Chinese regions. Through much efforts, one of our projects has successfully acquired around 2 million CNY initial investment in China.  Currently, I am doing my MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management programme, which strive to educate successful entrepreneurs and coach them entrepreneurial skills and practical guidance. In past 5 years, it has successfully incubated more than 30 enterprises, with a success rate over 75% and raised funds more than 3 million euros in total. I really appreciate EDHEC assists me in every step of my entrepreneurial project with the support of EDHEC incubator. Nevertheless, I chose to study from Master in Management program, in my opinion, candidates with strong background in management or entrepreneur experience can skip the 1st year study and directly apply for this MSc program.I hope that there will be more and more talents joining in our family!