Susan Ya Luo, Chinese, EDHEC-2020
Master in Management
Business Management
MSc in Strategy, Organisation & Consulting
Publishing Manager - Garena - Sandbox

“Why France? Firstly, I am passionate about French & European cultures. Secondly, there was a professor at the Chinese university where I studied for my bachelor’s degree who had joined EDHEC Business School and who recommended EDHEC to me. Last but not least, the programme itself. When I graduate, I could obtain both a Master in Management and a Master of Science with working experiences abroad. What a choice! Thanks to the professional immersion year, I would be able to apply my working experiences into my last year of study. Isn't it amazing? 

The courses of the Master of Science in Strategy Consulting & Digital Transformation are of high quality. We are given case studies at each class, based on typical business cases as well as the latest economic & geopolitical trends. Through these case studies, we are benefited to build a logical and analytical mind-set, gain hands-on skills and put the learnt knowledge into practice.

I am renting a flat with 2 of my best friends close to the city centre of Lille. Living in France has been both surprising and sometimes challenging.

The biggest surprise? I am very happy and lucky here because I have met many open-minded French people who love to exchange with me as an international student. We study and discuss together during classes and hang out after classes. In group work, I think that French students are very creative, daring to speak out their opinions and to assume the role of leaders. It inspires me! I have decided to express myself more openly, and share my values with others. After classes, they help me know more about French culture, French way of having fun and improve my French. 

The biggest challenge? French! I had only learnt French for 3 months before coming to EDHEC. I am still at a beginner level. Everyone is able to communicate in English at school. However, when it comes to life outside school, there could be some difficulties. At first, I did not even know “Poulet” meant chicken for example. Yet, learning French is a good experience and I like overcoming challenges. Plus, I have many friends who speak perfectly French and are willing to help me.

As there are two sides to a coin, it has both positive and negative aspects living in any country. In France, it seems to take longer to process administrative paperwork. Fortunately, EDHEC has a dedicated service to help international students with such matters. The advantage, on the other hand, is that we get exposed to another culture and have many student benefits including discounts for using public transportation & cultural activities.”