The impact on my perspective

Unalp Tekinalp, German
MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

I chose to study at EDHEC for many reasons.

The most important: to acquire the right tools and knowledge to start my own business. The depth of information offered in the MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation programme is impressive. I must also admit, that EDHEC’s standing amongst the most prestigious business schools worldwide is a big motivator. The ranking attracts top talents—both professors and students—and allows you to immerse yourself with motivated people who want to support your desire to grow and learn.

EDHEC has opened me to the world. Studying on campus has helped me to “come out of my shell."  I realize now, how easy it is to make friends.  As a result, I’ve become a more positive person. I have made many personal and professional relationships here.  My thinking has changed too. I have learned to include other perspectives in my approach to problem-solving. I have become globally-minded.

I no longer limit my ideas to the European outlook when defining purpose and importance.For example, I discovered that it is OK to take your time and work on the projects you want to follow. I have adopted this attitude from the successful entrepreneurs I met on our study-trips to London, Paris, Berlin, and San-Francisco/Silicon Valley. This life-changing journey has made me a stronger, independent person who can adapt to situations, make critical decisions, and form emotional bonds with people. I feel prepared to pursue my entrepreneurial journey.