Valentin Hofmann, German, Edhec-2017
MSc in Financial Engineering
Financial Analyst at Clerville Investment Managemement LLP-Paris

The GMAT can be really helpful for your application process as you can underline your quantitative strengths with a high score, enabling you to secure the offers and scholarships you need. I was looking for a programme in an international environment with classmates that share the same passion for finance. I selected the MSc in Financial Markets programme because I was looking for a specialised programme that skips the basics and starts right where I left off as an undergraduate student, helping me to specialise in the area I am interested in.

Almost two months into the programme, I can say that I made the right decision. The programme curriculum is really focused, yet covers everything you need in your field of interest. My gmat preparations and results really helped me stand out and get admitted into a programme that was of high interest to me!