Zhen Ma, Chinese, EDHEC-2016
Business Management
Global Process Owner, POS & Omnichannel Project at Christian Dior Couture-Paris

“I chose EDHEC Business School because of its worldwide reputation. The Grande Ecole programme, Master in Management programme (Business Management track) allowed me to develop general business knowledge in the first academic year, apply it during my internships and concentrate on Global business in my second academic year.

During the programme, EDHEC helped me to explore my professional interests. Now the programme is over, I have a clear answer on what motivates me and where are my strengths! My journey at EDHEC led me to Christian Dior France, where I just joined as a retail trainee manager! Thanks to the EDHEC Career Center, I had access to training sessions and job forums, in order to train and be prepared for my interviews. My 3 year journey at EDHEC made me who I am today: a grown up lady with a full international profile! The EDHEC Master in Management programme not only improved my academic knowledge, but also broadened my vision. Thanks to EDHEC, I took my first step to my dream job.”