Discover our new MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance


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Discover our newest MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance.


  • 00:00​ Intro
  • 01:05​ The Pitch 02:26​ What’s the difference between Finance and Sustainable Finance?
  • 03:44​ Which hard and soft skills are specific to the Sustainable Finance?
  • 09:52​ This MSc offers pre study courses to ensure that all participants have mastered the prerequisites needed to follow the core courses. What are those? Does this mean that anyone can apply regardless of their academic background?
  • 12:16​ In the admission process, how important are the management tests?
  • 17:02​ The Clichés
  • 23:03​ “You will be awarded an MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance from EDHEC and a specialised diploma in Finance and Climate Change from Mines ParisTech”. How do you take the best of these 2 schools? What’s the difference between an MSC and a specialized diploma?
  • 27:17​ The Finance industry is a very competitive environment. What national and international accreditation and recognition does this program have to ensure that your students find a job quickly in this competitive environment?
  • 29:35​ What’s the most disruptive aspect of this MSc?
  • 31:16​ Why did you choose this program and what’s been your favorite course so far?
  • 33:35​ Extra Time


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