The Interview: Master in Management Financial Economics


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00:00​ Intro
00:57​ The Pitch
02:24​ Apart from being a trader, what is finance about?
03:44​ What’s the difference between the MIM Financial Economics and the MIM programme?
04:14​ In the admission process, it seems that I can evaluate my profile on your website. How reliable is it?
06:21​ Is the free GMAT practice on your website enough to get ready for the test?
08:50​ What are the minimum scores required for the English tests and the management tests?
11:06​ I’ve heard about group interviews. Is it still relevant given the current situation?
16:04​ How do you teach soft skills?
17:07​ What did you think about the Talent Identification & Career Development (TI&CD)?
18:43​ The Clichés
21:54​ I’m intrigued by your course called “From Climate Science to Climate Finance”. Is it possible to be both ecological and work in finance?
24:18​ Will you prepare me for any official financial accreditations such as the CFA?
25:01​ You have a double degree with Berkeley Haas and the MIT management Sloan School. Is there a limited amount of students accepted in the double degrees courses?
29:42​ Do you have any partnerships with banks or Companies?
30:37​ What is the EDHEC – Risk institute and Programme Corporate Partners?
33:14​ Matteo, can you name one thing you didn’t like about this Masters?
35:14​ I have never been to Nice and I would like to know how is the life like in Nice?
36:37​ Extra Time

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